Total Telecom Solutions (TTS)

Flexible, Scalable Solutions
Whether you are a police, fire, ambulance or rescue authority, you want a communication system that allows you to respond quickly and effectively to all calls for assistance, dispatching the best possible resources to manage the situation.

Total Telecom Solutions (TTS), provides communication and control solutions that are designed to meet your specific operational needs, ensuring efficiency and effectiveness. Recognizing that every communication centre is unique, TTS has designed an unprecedented level of flexibility in her offerings. This allows your centre to manage your network of real time communications subsystems to meet your specific requirements.

Feature - Rich and future Ready
Communication centres that answers emergency calls and dispatch response teams depend on reliable radio and telephone communications, because every communication centre is unique, TTS designs an unprecededented level of flexibility into its systems. We can tailor a system for any size operation - from a large scale, fully integrated command and control system to a self contained, single workstation console, TTS specializes in products and systems that help police, fire, rescue and emergency medical department effectively manage a complex network of real - time communication subsystems.